Earth is home for many mysterious creatures living in seas, land and air. Scientists have found only a very small percentage of animals, about 1% to be exact. Many species are discovering day by day. There are many unique and bizarre creatures you won't believe they exist! Let us take a look at some of them.

1. Pink Fairy Armadillo

Pink Fairy Armadillo

Pink fairy armadillos (or pichiciegos) are mostly found in the warm sandy plains of Argentina.

They prefer to burrow in texture of very dry soil. They don't like moisture and leave their burrows if it is moistened by rain. These animals tend  to burrow near anthills,  so that they are easily reachable to food source. The pink fairy armadillo species generally lives by itself. They stay in their burrows during the day and find food at night. They are knows for their remarkable digging ability.

2. The Maned Wolf

The Maned Wolf

The Maned Wolf is the considered as the largest canid in South America. It  resembles a large fox with reddish fur. This kind  is found in both open and semi-open habitats, especially grasslands with scattered bushes and trees throughout South America. The maned wolf is the tallest of the wild canids and it's long legs are most likely an adaptation to the tall grasslands of its native habitat

3. Aye-aye


Isn't this a cute one? The aye-aye is known as Daubentonia madagascariensis. It is a rodent like animal that can be found in Madagascar. Its features are similar to that of a rodent. 

4. Tufted Deer

Tufted Deer

5. Dumbo Octopus

Dumbo Octopus

This Dumbo Octopus was imaged by the Canadian robotic vehicle ROPOS at a water 5728 feet on Axial Seamount.

6. Naked Mole Rat

Naked Mole Rat

This creature has a lot of characteristics that make it very important to human beings. For one it is resistant to cancer. They also live up to 28 years, which is unheard of in mammals of its size. It seemingly does not age much in those 28 years either

7. Irrawaddy Dolphin

Irrawaddy Dolphin

The Irrawaddy dolphin is a species of oceanic dolphin found near sea coasts and in estuaries and rivers in parts of the Bay of Bengal and Southeast Asia. Genetically, the Irrawaddy dolphin is closely related to the killer whale.

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